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Release Notes [16.01.17] - Phone, Direct Calls and Wallet Billing
Release Notes [16.01.17] - Phone, Direct Calls and Wallet Billing
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We have introduced the following features and fixes: 

Direct Calls

  • Reply introduced the new outbound Direct Calls functionality. Using it the customers can call prospects using the Click-to-call button on the People page and prospect sidebar. We support calls to more than 100 countries.  

Phones: Rent a local number

  • Added ability to rent a local number in more than 30 countries to use with Direct Calls (US & Canada's specific regions supported)

Phone Validation

  • Added new Phone fields in the prospect sidebar and user profile with built-in automatic phone validation for most countries.

Wallet: Call Payments and History

  • Added Wallet for phone and calls related pricing. This gives customers ability to add money to the balance and use the phone functionality as well as pay for calls or rented number based on usage. Also the Balance Auto Refill feature was included for ease of use.

Updated Billing page

  • Updated the Billing page, all billing features as Subscriptions, Wallet, Email Validation and Finder credits management plus new history page with tracking of Wallet related transactions included.

Salesforce integration out of the Beta

  • Released the new Salesforce integration from Beta testing and made available to all users.

Bug fixes

  • Various fixes regarding campaigns, email validation etc.

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