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Release notes [07.02.17] - Week of Improvements #1
Release notes [07.02.17] - Week of Improvements #1
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We have introduced the following features and fixes: 

New Integrations page

  • Reply team added a new integrations page to the platform. The page has updated tile view and lets a user use both native and Zapier integrations.

Email validation improvements

  • Filters for email validation status: added ability to filter by email validation status on the People page and People tab in campaign.

  • Changed campaigns logic: campaigns and direct emails cannot be sent to contacts with the "Invalid email" status.

  • All other statuses and contacts without validated emails still will be processed.

  • The Email Validation Service right now works as a queue, so once a user sends the batch of emails for validation, they should wait until validation finishes to send another batch of emails for validation.

  • Also added tweaked notifications that show the additional "Failed to validate" status (not displayed in the UI) in case of some technical issues (user validation credits are not billed, or the system failed to validate emails).

  • Improved statuses visibility in the contact sidebar and in the Add People to Campaign flow.

Reports UI/UX

  • The Reports and Stats was UI tweaked to provide more visibility to the numbers and also ability to preview full email / template in reports on hint.

Campaigns & campaign page UI/UX(add to campaign)

  • Added ability to Add people to campaign from CSV or manually add to the People page and instantly in campaign.

  • Plus it is possible to add users to a campaign from an existing list of contacts on Campaigns page and on the People tab in campaign.

  • Added ability to open the Campaign page in the new tab by right mouse click.

Views on people tab in campaign

  • Splitted email Opens and Views into 2 different columns on the People tab of the campaign page.

  • Opens are tracked as number of opened emails (e.g if an email was opened by a prospect, it counted once) and Views are tracked as all subsequent opens of this email.

  • (e.g if there are 5 steps in the campaign, and 5 emails were opened but each one 3 times there will be 15 views for the contact in the campaign).

  • Also added two filter options for Opens and Views to filter such data properly from the People page and the People tab in campaign.

Bug fixes

  • Various fixes regarding the Finder, Email Validation, UI.

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