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Release Notes [22.06.17] - Week of Improvements #4
Release Notes [22.06.17] - Week of Improvements #4
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  • Campaign folders were added to the Campaigns page.

  • Progress bar was added to the single campaign page.

  • Campaign page was redesigned to improve performance and UX.


  • Reports logic related to the user's timezone was improved.

  • Breakdown for email categories from Inbox to the Reports page and Stats page in campaign was added.


  • Bug fixes regarding Zapier, SF plugin, activity, etc.


Campaigns: Campaign folders

  • Campaign folders were added to the Campaigns page in order to help manage the high number of campaigns. For example, a user can create folders regarding the region, targeted prospect roles or segments. At any time, campaign can be only in one folder.
    All campaigns are visible in the predefined 'All' folder after a user adds at least one custom folder, similar to the Templates page. Folders are sorted alphabetically and can be removed as well. This feature also improves the performance of the Campaigns page because only specific campaigns are displayed in the folders.

Campaigns: Progress bar

  • Progress bar was added to the Campaigns page instead of the Performance gauge and the Reply rate metric now has a colored gradation based on rate. Progress bar shows how many (out of currently active) prospects in campaign are in the Finished status. Also, a custom hint with numbers of finished and active prospects currently in campaign were added.
    The Reply rate color scheme is based on the following figures: <3% (Red), 3-10% (Yellow), 10%+ (Green) rate for the corresponding metric.

Campaigns: Campaigns page re-design

  • The Campaigns page was redesigned to provide a better user experience. Here are the notable changes: the grid was moved to the right, the controls in the overlay with actions were moved to the drop down menu in the campaign overlay; the Move to Folder action was added as a new drop down element.

  • As Reply users work in different timezones, we made changes to the reports regarding timezones in order to improve the user experience.
    On the Reports page, Stats in the campaign page and Team member metrics page (Team > Click on team-member) were given a label to show the current timezone for the data on the screen. The label and the data are set in Settings > Email > Timezone section. Thus, the data related to the timezone work independently from the user device settings.
    This also means that changing Timezone in settings changes the data in all reports, and statistics is recalculated accordingly.

Reports: Breakdown for categories from Inbox

  • Breakdown for email categories from Inbox was added to the Reports page and Stats in campaign page. You can see it as a custom hint over the Reply rate / Replies metrics.
    Currently, this breakdown shows Inbox categories and number of emails in them in the campaign now (independent from the time filter in any reports). The data based on emails and breakdown is sorted from most to least replies in the category.
    Drilldown to Inbox and specific category is also available from the Stats in campaign page.

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes regarding performance, billing, UI, etc. 

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