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How to check and update the schedule for sending a sequence
How to check and update the schedule for sending a sequence

Learn how to view and update the schedule for sending a sequence so that you can resume it at any time

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Before launching a sequence, you can set a sequence schedule that includes days and hours, public US holidays, the contact's specific time zone, and any other preferences that will affect when your messages are sent to contacts. This setting can be done in Sequence Steps using Delivery windows (schedules).

When a sequence is out of schedule, the sequence remains active but it’s not sent until the next sending window opens. In this case, a warning banner explaining why it isn't sending at the moment will be shown:

For your convenience, you can always check the schedule for a sequence, and if there is a need, change the sending days and hours to resume the sequence.

To check and update the sending schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Open a sequence and click on the Schedule icon.

2. Sending schedule wizard will be shown. Here you can view the settings for scheduling as well as change them.

Description of components in Sending schedule wizard:



Select a schedule

Click on the field to get a drop-down list of previously saved schedules, or click Create new schedule to create a new one.

Sending schedule

Days, when the sequence is run, are marked in blue.

To change the main sending schedule, click on the ⚙️ Customize button (you will be redirected to Settings → Schedules).

Separate schedule for follow-ups

Set additional parameters for follow-ups.

Set parameters

Set additional parameters for scheduling:

  • Do not send on US public holidays

  • Use contact's specific time-zone if set

If green-checked, the parameter is turned on in your sequence.

Please note. The link 'View all schedules' will direct you to the Settings → Schedules page that lists all schedules created by all members of your Reply account. You can edit any of the available schedules there as well.

3. Click on the Apply button to save all the changes in your sending schedule.

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