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How to manage Accounts on the Contacts page
How to manage Accounts on the Contacts page

Learn how to view and manage accounts (companies) on the Contact page

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Accounts are groups of contacts who are registered under the same domain or who are members of the same company, or organization.

The Contacts page lists all the contacts in the grid, where you can also find the Account column. By clicking on the account name, a list of all contacts that are assigned to it will be shown.

Add contact to an account on the Contacts page

  1. Click on a contact's name.

  2. In the contact profile in the right-sidebar, click on the Account field.

  3. Select the desired account from the drop-down list with existing accounts.

Important. A contact can be associated with only one account.

Add a New account in the contact profile

To add a new account while editing the contact profile:

  1. Click on the Account field.

  2. Click on the + New account button

  3. Fill out all the details about an account (company) and click Save.

  4. Click Save in the contact profile sidebar to save all the changes.

To find out the description of all fields in the account creation form, read this article.

Please note. Except for the account name, all fields are optional. You can create an account and add more details to it later at any time.

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