The price for using the email warm-up is $29 per email account per month billed according to your subscription plan. The total sum for email accounts connected to warm-up will be calculated and shown to you immediately but billed on your next billing date.

How to subscribe to email warm-up

Both team owners and individual Reply users are welcome to subscribe their email accounts to the email warm-up.

To subscribe please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Reply account and navigate to Settings -> Reply Warm-Up tab

  2. Click the + button in the top right corner, select the checkboxes next to the email account(s) you'd like to add to warm-up, and click the Add button.

  3. Click "Confirm" to confirm the subscription.

or (in case you have a sufficient amount of credits in your account):

Once you've subscribed your email account(s) to the email warm-up, you can go ahead and set them up as explained here.

What the payment process looks like

If you are a member of a team in Reply, the funds will be charged from your Team Owner’s existing payment option.

Tip: you can select and pay for multiple emails at a time using checkboxes.

How to check warm-up subscriptions and the next billing date for your team

If you are a Team Owner, navigate to Plans & Billing -> Subscription -> Manage billing details.

A tab will be opened in a new window. Scroll down to find your subscription details.

How to cancel your warm-up subscription

To stop paying for the warm-up, simply remove the email account(s) from the Email Warm-Up tab in Reply Settings.

The remaining days will be added to your Reply account credit balance (non-refundable) and can be reused. If you need, for example, to remove an email account and reconnect it to change a provider, you will be able to pay for the email warm-up subscription with the remaining credits when you reconnect any email account (the same you've reconnected or another one) to warm-up.

Example: Your next billing date is September 30th. On September 1st, you connected an email account to warm-up and paid $29 for the service. On September 15th, you removed the email account from Reply, and $14.50 was added to your balance as credits. On September 20th, you have reconnected any email account (the same you've removed or another one) to Reply warm-up. The $14.50 credits were applied and the warm-up for the email account continued till September 30th.

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