Reply provides its users with the ability to send SMS messages. To start sending SMS, make sure that the Cloud Calls feature is enabled in your Reply account and you have rented a phone number in Calls section in Settings. There should also be a valid phone number in the contact profile.

To send an SMS message on Reply:

  1. Open a contact profile sidebar

  2. Choose the Send an SMS icon from the available sidebar actions

  3. The pop-up window appears where you can start typing your SMS message (you can also apply one of the Reply's templates using the Template icon at the bottom of the pop-up):

Please note: if your team account has several SMS-enabled phone numbers, you can select any of them from the drop-down to be the sender number.

4. Once your text is ready, click the Send button. If your SMS is sent successfully, a green notification banner appears at the top of your screen. The system also saves the event to the contact's activity log.

NOTE: once you receive an SMS from your contact, a new notification appears in the Notification Center. You can click on the SMS or contact name, Reply will redirect you to the Inbox page, from where you can access the thread.

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