Here's what you should know about CSV import, in addition to the general information about importing prospects to Reply:

  • The file should be saved in CSV file type, UTF-8 encoding; 

  • "FirstName" and "Email" fields (columns) are mandatory, i.e cannot be blank;

  • Make sure that the "Linkedin URL" column is not among the first fields (columns) on file;

  • If you're trying to import directly to a sequence and some of the people are not uploaded, here's guidance on how to fix that;

  • Skipped means that you have duplicate records in your file and Reply only allows 1 unique email address per contact;

  • Phone number field shouldn't contain dashes or spaces, this might result in an error during import;

  • If you see the error "Wrong field format" in your import results - it means that you have custom fields with the number format that should be changed to text.

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