By default, all emails from Reply go out with open tracking links. You can also enable click tracking and use an opt-out link in your emails. Setting up custom tracking URLs allows you to "replace" Reply default domains with your own domain.

Note: the following setup is performed for a particular Reply account, not across the whole team. If you have other team members, perform the setup for them separately. If team members send from the same domain, just re-add the same links to their accounts. While re-adding, you do not need to add DNS records again.

Setting up branded links based on your domain

It is important that you have access to your domain's DNS records to set up custom tracking.

To set up a branded URL:

  1. Go to the Settings page - Branded links tab:

Each account can have three unique links for each metric - Opens, Clicks, Opt outs. It's recommended to customize all of them at once, even if you only track Opens for now.

2. Choose which subdomains you want to use for tracking. For example, if you send emails from, your tracking links can be:

*Here, "opens", "clicks", "opt" are used as examples. You can select any word or letter (except for "www" and "replyio")

3. Click the Add new button.

4. Select one of the link types - Opens, Clicks, Opt Out

5. Go to the Email account drop-down:

  • Keep it empty if you send from one domain only

  • Provide an email account with the appropriate domain if you send from different domains (the tracking link must match your sender domain)

6. In the Your URL field, enter the subdomain you have chosen for the tracking link and click Check:

7. On the next screen, copy CNAME and TXT records and add them to the DNS entries for your domain (detailed instructions at the end of the article):

8. Click Save.

9. Repeat the same process for Clicks and Opt Out.

If you want to turn off custom tracking and get back to Reply tracking, just disable the toggle:

Additional instructions for adding DNS records

The creation of DNS records depends on your DNS provider. Here are some examples of how to add the records for different DNS providers:

You can also check the support section of your hosting website for CNAME and TXT records to find instructions for your DNS provider.

This tutorial walks you through adding DNS records for Namecheap, WIX and GoDaddy DNS providers:

Please note: if you use Cloudflare to manage your domain and create a CNAME record here to redirect to Reply tracking, be sure to disable the proxy.

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