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​Sequences in Team Edition
​Sequences in Team Edition
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There are several basic rules of how sequences work with Team edition:

  • A team member who creates a sequence becomes its Owner

  • Owners can change sequence settings, for example, change email account or schedule.

  • In Team Edition Public mode, contacts that belong to different team members can be added to the same sequence.

  • In Team Edition Private mode, team members can add only their contacts to their sequences.

  • In sequences, tasks are generated based on contact ownership. This means that only contact owners will see tasks related to their contacts. If you run Team Edition in Public mode, you can apply filters to see your tasks or the tasks of other team members.

When changing ownership of a sequence to another team member, you might encounter the following error:

Reason: there are contacts in this sequence that belong to a team member who already uses them in their own sequences. Thus, changing ownership of a sequence leads to a collision, where the same contact CANNOT be in two sequences of the same team member.

How to fix:

  • Apply a filter on the People in sequence tab.

  • Change ownership of contacts that belong to a member you want to make the owner of the sequence or remove them from the sequence.

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