If you have an issue with setting up your Gmail account, please check the following settings:

Enable IMAP

In your Gmail account settings, make sure that IMAP is enabled here:

Enable Less Secure Apps

Turn on the access to less secure apps here.

If you're connected via Gmail single click option, follow the guidance to reconnect the account from this article  👍

For 2 step verification

In case if you have a 2 step verification, you can use one of the following options:

1 - Connecting your Gmail account via Single Click:

Simply connect your Gmail account with a single click option, you might be asked to enter the code from SMS to login to your Gmail account and you're good to go.

2 - Connecting your Gmail account manually via Other option:

You will need to generate a password for Reply, connect email account manually and type in the generated password in settings for this email account.  

In order to add your email account manually, please go to Settings -> Email accounts, then click on red plus and select Other Provider instead of Gmail.
Then manually enter all settings for IMAP and SMTP:

Email address and sender name are required*

IMAP host: imap.gmail.com
port: 993
SSL enabled
Password: generated password

SMTP host: smtp.gmail.com
port: 465
SSL enabled
Password: generated password

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