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Release Notes [March 19'] - Cloud Calls available in Beta, improved opens tracking, fixes
Release Notes [March 19'] - Cloud Calls available in Beta, improved opens tracking, fixes
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Cloud Calls open in Beta

  • Cloud Calls via VOiP technology are available within the Reply UI. Calls can be initiated from the contact sidebar, People page, and the People tab within a campaign. In coming months, new Chrome extension will be released and the cloud calls will be available there as well.

  • This feature is available to all Reply subscription plans and for Beta users and can be requested through Settings>Plans & Billing>Subscription. For Beta users, cloud calls will be enabled after a demo with the Customer Success team.

  • Once the request is accepted, renting a phone number will become available for the Team owner and Team members.

  • For Beta: Rental phone numbers to call from are available for customers in the US, Canada and Brazil. Rental phone numbers for  European and other countries will be available in future releases.

  • International calls are available from rented numbers - pricing varies based on the country and billed via international rates available in product documentation.

  • A new Call widget was added with the following functions: ability to add notes, hang up, and mute mic.

  • Call log page (after a call) will provide the ability to set a call resolution, add or tweak communication notes, and automatically save the call results to the contact Activity feed.

  • Call statuses added to the contact sidebar and grid in order to visualize and organize daily work related to calls communications.

  • Quick filter was added to the people page that shows the list of contacts who are waiting for call or recommended to receive a call (based on status and number of email views from campaign).

  • Ability to create personal filters with call status also added.

Opens tracking

  • Google recently updated gmail services and this change opened up an issue where Google bots randomly (or based on reputation) open around 30-35% of emails, while the recipient has not actually opened the email; this resulted in incorrect opens and views numbers in Stats. We fixed this issue for Reply tracking by using a combination of checks (specific responses and very quick timing of opens). After 2 weeks of tests on a stage environment, in 99.9%  of cases, only human opens show up as proper opens and views in Reply stats and Reports now.


  • 10+ bugs in various parts of the application.

  • Notable change is the export freeze bug logic. An issue occurs when a user requests an export but it never finishes and also prevents re-try attempts to send the export request once again. We fixed the first part of this issue; now, if request for export was sent and not finished in expected timeframe,  the user will be able to request the export once again. We are working on the second part of an issue - to fix a situation when an export freezes in the first place; this will be available April 8-10.

  • Bugs related to Bridge (Direct) calls (like saving a phone number in user page or calls failing) fixed as part of Cloud Calls beta release.

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