Core functionality updates

Another update for email processing and phone calls released to production and hidden behind the feature toggle. 

Feature requests and fixes

  • Fixed issues with variables in templates. From now variables are case insensitive.

  • Substituted the Wantoo feature requests page with the Userfeed feature and Roadmap page inside the Intercom support chat (can be opened by the click on the same link in right top dropdown menu).

  • Updated the API method related to ''. Now it is possible to request the data from this endpoint for an interval of dates (based on email sent date field). To do so, parameters 'From' and 'To' should be specified in the Unix time format.

  • Changed default sorting on the Campaign page. For the 'Status' sorting option, Active campaigns and campaigns without errors (green toggle in UI) are displayed first, then campaigns with errors and under review, paused and archived afterwards.

  • Added the Campaign Owner field to API responses for methods 'GET v1/campaigns?name=Your_Campaign_Name' and 'GET v1/campaigns?id=Your_CampaignID'.

  • Added the new activity event "Email of prospect was changed" (from to'

  • Enabled bulleted and numbered lists for the template/step email editor and signature editor.

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