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Release Notes [January 19'] - New Sign up and Login pages
Release Notes [January 19'] - New Sign up and Login pages
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New Sign up forms

The Reply team has launched new, re-designed Sign up forms in the same style as the Reply 3.0 platform. The new ‘Sign up’ process will allow teams to test and measure new ideas regarding gathering customer data during the sign up process (i.e. company, titles, company size, phone numbers and others) vs. sign up funnel conversion rates.
Sign up can work in two modes - quick mode, where only an email and password are required, and full mode. In the upcoming weeks, the team will start testing different variants to achieve optimal results.

Demo request forms on the website were changed as well in order  to match styling and functionality of new product sign up. From now on, to request a demo from the sales team, a phone number will be needed.

Login from different devices/browsers

During the roll-out of the new sign up process, the team also changed some login rules. Please remember that user accounts work as one-at-a-time accounts. For example, if a user logs in from one browser and attempts to login from another one, the session in the first browser will be invalidated and the user will be redirected to the login page there. 

The same rules apply for using Reply accounts from different devices. On the contrary, if a user working in their account in the same browser opens via a link in another tab from the main application (for example, another page with campaign), the session will remain valid and the user will be able to continue working in both tabs.

Fixes and billing

Approximately 10 fixes were made to the platform since December, mostly in API and bug fix areas.

One noticeable change is the ability to reactivate cancelled subscriptions for the same payment plan via self-service. Earlier it was possible only with the help from the Support team.

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