Soft bounces detection for automatic email validation during Import from .CSV files

From now Reply can distinguish soft bounces from hard bounces. This has positive impact on automatic email validation during the import process, as only hard bounces (not valid emails that truly do not exist, or deleted, or have syntax errors) will be marked as Invalid during import. Other (soft) bounces that are results of spam issues, temporary unavailability, etc will not be counted. As a result, the quality of email validation during the import from CSV process will be higher.

In order to mitigate sending risks for our customers, different open tracking domains/links were allocated for each category of subscriptions. They will be added to our internal ‘Health check’ monitoring system and allow greater guarantee of good reputation for accounts of customers, regarding anti-spam issues. As well as ability for ‘hot’ change of suspicious domains. 

Anti-spam words added to Email Quality Check Service

We have updated the Email Quality Check Service to analyze how a particular template will affect spam filters. Once we detect words like ‘sales’, ‘offer’, ‘money’ and lots of others, we will show an additional score for the template as well as all ‘spam’ words found in the template. This improvement gives users the ability to optimize their templates and emails and avoid getting into spam folders, also the higher quality of template will lower bounce rates for campaigns they are used in.

Important fixes

Around 10+ bugs fixed in this update. Most notable are freezing template editor and composer window after some time,

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