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Release Notes [October 18'] - Stats API, Updated API Docs, Bug Fixes
Release Notes [October 18'] - Stats API, Updated API Docs, Bug Fixes
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New API stats method

  • Allows to poll a campaign for aggregated stats on each step every 10 sec. User can now reactivate subscription to the same plan as before cancellation occured by themselves.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented this previously.

  • Onboarding messed up with reactivation - fixed that as well.

Campaigns sending issues

  • Campaign sending less emails than expected for hour or two because of worker issues should be fixed with the new release.

  • Campaigns sending higher volume that limit set in campaign setting and messing up customers sending plans and schedules fixed as well.

New API documentation for developers in Postman

  • Completely redesigned documentation could be found here.


  • Various bug fixes.


The Development team worked last 2 months to change how we build software, investing in automation and changing the development flow to improve quality and deliverability of the product. 

In preparation to launch the new flow that will allow us to release each feature separately, it will be last release using the old flow. 

It will have mostly fixes of regular issues as campaigns randomly not sending during some hours, sending over limits or issues with cancelled accounts (re-activations billing and onboarding getting in a way of re-activations).

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