Improved Performance of the People page

  • We have significantly optimized the People page and improved its loading speed. The People page now loads quickly during the first load event with a large number of contacts. The page provides faster filtering results when a user uses a predefined smart filters.

In-app on boarding

  • We have introduced in-app on boarding. New walkthrough and help tools will help new users  directly in the Reply app instead of searching for answers in the Support section. It will automatically start for trial users. To access on boarding manually, please open the account menu drop-down list in the top right corner of the screen and click Get started

  • We have added opt-out links to test emails, Preview and Email Chain Preview modes. This option helps users see how their opt-out links look like when they create a campaign, when they send a test email or open the Preview tab in any campaign. 

Automatic Email Validation during Import from .CSV files

  • When a user imports contacts using a .CSV file, Reply automatically checks all contact emails for validity against internal DB and marks contacts with invalid emails when the import process finishes. This actions helps users to reduce the bounce rate and improve overall performance of their campaigns. This option are free of charge and based on Reply internal invalid emails DB.

Improved Password Security for New Users

  • We have improved password requirements for new users. From now on, passwords for new accounts must be at least ten characters long and contain at least one uppercase symbol.

Updated Email Quality Check Service

  • We have updated the Email Quality Check Service to recognize follow-up emails which may or may not contain email subject. This improvement lets the service recalculate the email quality score without penalties due to the empty email subject for follow-up emails.

Bug Fixes

  • 15+ bugs  fixed.

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