Email quality service

  • New service that analyzes your email templates by various metrics and provides realtime suggestions on how to improve their quality. Email quality check uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. 

Campaigns page speed-up

  • We have significantly improved the loading speed of the Campaigns page by optimizing queries and using better caching. 

Asynchronous import from CSV file

  • We have implemented asynchronous import of CSV files into Reply. The updated mechanism can process bigger number of rows then before  and allows you to work within Reply during the import process. 

Performance and Infrastructure

  • Number of queries are optimized by moving them to the read-only environment.

  • Contact export performance was improved.

  • 5+ small performance fixes. 

UI/UX facelift

  • Menu size and alignments changed.

  • All pages updated with the same mockup sizes and styles.

  • 10+ small UI fixes to provide more workspace.


  • Various bug fixes.

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