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Release Notes [18.10.17] - Outbox, Inbox sorting, Performance, Email validation, Bug fixes
Release Notes [18.10.17] - Outbox, Inbox sorting, Performance, Email validation, Bug fixes
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The design for tables and selected rows was improved. We have made navigation between the levels of Outbox more user friendly. They are highlighted in blue when a user hovers over them.


Page loading speed for the People page, People tab in campaign, Reports page, Stats tab in campaign was improved.

Inbox Sorting

We have released the new model of inbox sorting by content. It uses machine learning algorithms to determine if a prospect is interested in your email. It uses the array of previously received emails to improve sorting accuracy. 


  • Asynchronous export for the prospect data and basic stats was added.
    We offer two options of exporting contacts into a .csv file - Basic fields and All fields. When a user decides to export using the Basic fields option, the file is saved directly using a browser. When a user chooses All fields, the system prepares a file and provides a download link in the notifications area. 

  • The LinkedIn field was added to Zapier actions.
    A user can now sync the Linkedin contact field in Zapier integrations.

Email validation

We have improved the Email Validation Service. It uses better validation checks that help to decrease bounce rate and improve overall campaign performance. Validation became five times faster.
For more information, see the following article.


The revised backend for SF and Prosperworks integrations was released in order to maintain certain sync interval consistence.


The new API endpoint was added. A user can now get the number of people that received at least one email per campaign via the API.


We have fixed a bunch of various bugs.

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