When importing the list of prospects to Reply using a .csv file, if you would like the system to define the prospects' time zone correctly, ensure the following criteria are met:

The Country column:

  • cannot be blank;
  • the country name should be written in full (i.e. France) or as abbreviation (i.e. FR).

The State column:

  • can be blank only if the City column has a value;
  • the state name should be written in full (i.e. California) or as abbreviation (i.e. CA).

The City column:

  • Can be blank only if the State column has value;
  • The city name should be written in full (i.e. New York).

If the system cannot define the timezone, it applies the user's time zone to the prospect.

Important: all names must comply with ISO 3166, the international standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions. This means that all names must be standardized and cannot be arbitrary.

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