You can receive an email report about errors that have occurred in your campaign(s) for the last 24 hours.

The report includes recommendations on how to fix them. This feature is disabled by default. To enable campaign error reports in your Reply account:

  1. Open the Emails tab of the Settings page.
  2. Expand the Email notifications section.
  3. In the Send reports on campaign errors drop down menu, select Daily
  4. Click Save settings

Note: you can enter additional recipients of reports. To to this, enter one or several email addresses in the Email subscribes field, press Enter and click Save Settings

List of campaign errors covered by the report

  • Campaign is under review.
  • Daily limit per campaign reached.
  • Daily limit per email account reached.
  • Monthly limit for unique contacts reached.
  • No prospects in active campaign (different reasons).
  • No email account connected to active campaign.
  • Invalid email account credentials.
  • SMTP/IMAP errors.
  • Some prospects in campaign have reached the daily sending limit per prospect.
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