Response Status Codes

  • 200. Request was successful.
  • 201. Item was successfully created. The Location header returned contains the URL to the newly-created item.
  • 400. Wrong input parameter. See response content for details.
  • 401. User not found. No user was found for the granted ApiKey. 
  • 403. Access denied. User with granted ApiKey doesn't have access to requested resource.
  • 404. The requested resource could not be found. See response content for details.
  • 500. Internal Server Error. See response content for additional details. We are notified about any server errors and will resolve them shortly. 

Error Handling

If Reply is having trouble, you might see a 5xx error 500 means that the app is entirely down, but you might also see 502 Bad Gateway, 503 Service Unavailable, or 504 Gateway Timeout. It's your responsibility in all of these cases to retry your request later. In the case of a particular API method failure, you will receive a response with an error status together with an additional description of the error.
When a non-2xx HTTP status is returned, the following error representation will be returned. Error details are passed on in the response content in plain text format.


Status: 403 Access Denied Content-Type: text/plain
"Access denied for user with ID = 1232"
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